Elijah's Xtreme Reaper Sauce Wins 1st Place Screaming MiMi Award "Reaper Pepper"

at NYC Hot Sauce Expo  2017

                    One of the Best Reaper

                     Pepper Sauces!  

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"The Best Ever. This is a very hot, extremely well balanced, flavorful hot sauce...the best i have ever had...I have already gone through 4 bottles..."  GaryP

"My Favorite Sauce! This sauce not only has great heat, but the flavor is fantastic! I enjoy it on my eggs and well, basically everything!"  JohnP

Father and Son launch new hot sauce June 12th 2014! The first pallet of our ghost pepper sauce arrives!

Dreams do come true!

Elijah’s Xtreme was born from a father and son’s love of hot peppers and passion to create a more flavorful, thicker, hotter, hot sauce.  Elijah was just 5 years old when he first helped his father prepare hot pepper seedlings for spring planting. It was the next year, when a smiling 6 year old Elijah came to his father in the garden and said, “Dad, what do I need to do to be the youngest person to eat the worlds hottest pepper?”
At that his dad gave him a hot banana pepper and said, “start here.” It was that first bite that sent Elijah running for water and began his passion for hot peppers and hot sauces.

 After more than a decade of growing a variety of hot peppers and tinkering with homemade hot sauce recipes, late in the summer of 2013 the father and son team created the perfect balance of heat and flavor.  The two sent out over 100 samples and the feedback was great... everyone loved it, saying the same thing... “it’s hot, but has great flavor”!  With that his dad named their creation, Elijah’s Xtreme!

Elijah’s Xtreme™ Ghost Pepper Sauce officially launched in June of 2014!

It was that summer when Elijah met “Smokin” Ed Currie at PuckerButt Pepper Company and got to eat Smokin' Ed's  Carolina Reaper® the world’s hottest pepper at age 16! (see the video on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ElijahsXtreme).

• Elijah's Xtreme gourmet ghost pepper hot sauce is made from fresh Naga Jolokia peppers, tomatoes, roasted garlic, onion, carrots, spices, lime juice and passion fruit. Vegan and Gluten Free. All natural.

• Delicious 5x Award Winning father and son handcrafted recipe. Won First Place Peoples Choice Award Best Hot Sauce Zest Fest 2015.

Elijah's Xtreme Gourmet Father & Son Handcrafted

Award Winning Ghost Pepper Hot sauce and new Carolina Reaper pepper sauce!